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This site is for you, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience of OER and OEP.  It aims to foster collaboration in the best spirit of openness.

  • You might have heard about Open Educational Practices (OEP) and be wondering how your existing educational practices might be reconfigured and rejuvenated by the sharing of free and openly licenced material.
  • You may know a little about Open Educational Resources (OER) and wonder how they can be useful to you or your students or community. 
  • You might already be using OER and starting to experiment with re-versioning materials you’ve discovered online for the specific needs of your group of students. 
  • You may have vast experience of OER and have developed open educational practices (OEP) which you are willing to share with others who are just starting to discover the role of OER in shaping their educational practice. 
  • You may wonder what all these terms mean and feel like you do not know this world at all. 

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You can search for a community group which focusses on your topic of interest or start a new one to foster supportive collaboration in your open community.

This is a new website and further developments are planned.  We welcome your feedback - please complete this short feedback questionnaire.

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